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 Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide

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PostSubject: Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide   11/22/2009, 3:10 am

This is my first guide, so if it it kinda sucky...i blame..someone else..

Anyway, here is is: lvl 30 LLD CHarger Guide.

Well, this isnt the best charger i have seen, but it is FAR from the worst.

Heres what we are going to cover:

1. The Why's

2. The How's

3. The Who's

Why a Charger?

Chargers are fun. plain and simple. Charging around and smacking other people upside the head - thats always fun. besides that, they have the highest physical damage of all classes.

How do you build a charger?


1. First step - make a new character (duh) (make sure its a paladin)

2. get your gear.
A) gear is comprised of a few peices, which i hope you all know.
1) helm
2) ammy
3) sheild
4) armor
5) weapon
6) belt
7,Cool rings
9) boots

#1) i use a +1 pally circ with a bunch of mods including 12% e. dmg, and a +12 jewel in it.
not the best, but not too bad either.

Ammy - angelics - for AR and +10 dex

sheild - spirit sheild - you will see why later.

armor - +life armor with 3os, all are soc with +dmg jewels.

Weapon #1 - Honor Naga

Weapon #2 - Insight Bec-De-Corbin , everyone might say go with a different polearm, but ill show you why i use this later.

Belt - IK Belt

Ring #1 - angelic

Ring #2 - soj

Boots - Sandars


in order to reach the maximume damage output, you NEED/SHOULD g rush this character.

the skills are simple.

20 might - synergie to charge, 20% dmg per

17 Charge - main damage

1 - smite - pre'req, and some damage when needed.

1 - holy bolt - pre'req

1 - blessed hammers - pre'req

1 - Holy sheild - this is for Max Block

in the end there is a total of +5 skills while using spirit sheild.


STR - 110

Dex - 56


ENG - nada none zip



HP: 584


i have full of max/ar GC's, max/ar LC's, and Max/Ar sc's

so i dont have the highest HP, but its still good enough imo.


Spirit sheild - my sheild stats:

Insight Stats and two hand damage:

Honor Naga and one hand damage:

So who can die when you hit them using this build?

just as it with any melee based build, anyone you can hit.

tell me what ya'll think, im sure i missed somthing >.< cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide   11/22/2009, 9:43 am

ive never used a charger dont really see the point in them maybe for pvp but not pvm and im a pvm person.soooo anyways thats just me lol. gl with ur charger
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide   11/23/2009, 1:04 pm

charges are fun vs sorc's, bowazons, but not much else.....
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide   

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Lvl 30 LLD Charger Guide
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