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 Chaox Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Chaox Guild Charter   4/11/2007, 9:28 pm


  • Clan Chaox is a clan of many methods of enjoying Diablo II Expansion on Battle.net. We do many activities, such as G-Rushing, Chaosing, Baaling, Uber-Tristing, PvP, and much more!


  • Must obey ALL d2jsp rules.
  • Must have 30% warn or less.
  • Must be active on both d2jsp and in our channel.
  • Must know a member from Chaox. We do not let randos in!
  • Free entry of course.

Important Information:

How to join:

  • Send a request to join our guild.
  • PM Hells_Fire445, explaining a bit about yourself.
  • Give the leader time to talk to the other mods.
  • The leader confirms and let you in.

How to get kicked out:

  • Break a major rule from jsp's rules.
  • Talk trash with another member (you will BOTH get kicked out).
  • Spam in people's thread with off-topic replies.
  • Make off-topic threads in the wrong sections of jsp.
  • Obtain "Scammer" or "Locked" Tag.
  • Obtain 40% warn or more.
  • Break one of Chaox's main rules.

Guild Alliances:



  • Chaox reserves the right to remove you from the guild at any time for any reason deems suitable for any given situation.

~Thanks, and i hope to hear from you! (Chaox Team)


Xbox one: sk8almost45 - halo, COD, battlefield 4
Facebook @ sk8almost44@yahoo.com

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PostSubject: Re: Chaox Guild Charter   10/28/2007, 3:35 am

member of this guild, so far so good.
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Chaox Guild Charter
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