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 Diablo 2 Memory Usage

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PostSubject: Diablo 2 Memory Usage   8/3/2014, 9:27 pm

Playing d2 again-not hardcore, don't plan on spending hours a day on it, just like... couple hours a week. Using a sorc to bot some gear so I can play with a zon, when I get to hell I'll probably quit.

Noticed this when I opened up my task manager

firefox.exe *32 Memory: 1,3xx,xxx
devenv.exe *32 Memory: 202020
AcroRd32.exe *32 Memory: 148924
Game.exe Memory: 141,xxx

Fucking d2 uses less memory than my acrobat. I have a 1399 page book open in my acrobat but shit... that's crazy lol


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Diablo 2 Memory Usage
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