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PostSubject: dupe   4/4/2014, 12:54 am

This is an interesting matrix variant that relies on uncleared buffers and poor game mechanics to produce a non-removing sale situation. Very fast and has been working since the beginning.

Required players:

A (Has item to dupe)
B (Has Redvex and some technical knowledge/experience)

Player B needs teleport skill (must be sorc or enigma user).

1) Player A and B join the SAME game. Player A must have the item to be duped in inventory/stash.
2) Player A trades the item to be duped to player B.

Player A must get the item to player B without it touching the floor, or interacting with an NPC. If the item touches the ground or EITHER player interacts with an NPC, this WILL NOT WORK.

3) Player B loads sniffer and sets it to sniff sent 13 packets (.watch send add 13)
4) Player B goes to Cold Plains and clicks the Waypoint there.
5) Note down the ID of the waypoint from the 13 packet ( 13 02 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX ) xx xx xx xx is the 8 digit waypoint ID.
6) Player B sets sniffer to sniff sent 19 packets (.watch send add 19)
7) Player B picks up the item to be duped on cursor and notes the ID of the item from the 19 packet (19 yy yy yy yy) where yy yy yy yy is the 8 digit item ID.
Cool Player B now stands near the waypoint, holds the item on cursor, and sends the following packet:

4402000000xxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy03000000 :::: where xx xx xx xx is the waypoint ID from before and yy yy yy yy is the Item ID to be duped.

If you did it right, the item on your cursor should vanish.

9) Player B now needs to teleport QUICKLY to A1 town. (You have around 5-10 seconds to enter the town area) if you use a TP for this, or the buffers are cleared before you enter town, this WILL NOT WORK.
10) Player B clicks Akara (or any NPC) and notes down the NPC ID from the 13 packet sent (13 01 00 00 00 zz zz zz zz) where zz zz zz zz is the NPC ID
11) Player B now makes sure he has NO ITEMS on cursor, and then sends this packet, in EXACTLY this format:

33zzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy0400000001000100 :::: where zz zz zz zz is the ID of the NPC, and yy yy yy yy is the ID of the item to dupe (the same one that vanished).

12) Send this packet as many times as you like... each time will produce one copy.

If you get Connection Interrupted or any other error when you send this packet, this means the buffer has cleared and the item is gone. You will need to go back and try again but make sure you teleport fast enough and dont interact with any NPCs before the item is inserted into the ghost buffer.

13) Buy back your copies with the gold you get from selling lots of them.

NOTE: Normal perming rules apply

Idk if true or not

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