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 Big huge favor please!? and more news to come!!

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PostSubject: Big huge favor please!? and more news to come!!   4/10/2013, 5:43 pm

Hello this is my future son or daughter I'm very pleased to share him or her with you. He or she is currently 6.50 cm long and very active in the womb! As of today March 6th, 2013 our baby is the size of a peach. We are officially due September 11th, 2013. This is Matthew Scott Vetor II (facebook me) aka Sunsetter welcoming you to My Crazy Pregnant Life.

PS I cried like a girl when I started writing this.
PSS I love you.

Anyways about this big favor I need some votes for a friend of mine.

So my Dude Drew B. Hall is entering a piece basically, if Drew wins the voting part, He wins 500 bucks and a tony hawk board, but if the judges choose his, it'll be in stores, he wins 1000 bucks, and get to go to los angeles for this skate park fundraiser thing! If you wouldn't mind showin my dude some love vote V

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Big huge favor please!? and more news to come!!
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