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 1 day of botting nm

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Nick-Name : Kyle/Kail

PostSubject: 1 day of botting nm   4/1/2013, 12:14 am

Started playing again to prove how it's not worth it to buy anything for d2 (Brother bought like $5-6 worth of shit for d2, not a lot but not worth it)

started like a week ago, leveled a sorc and my fc zon (Cause fc zon is fun), stole some shit from bots (my pickit's faster than yours Razz, wasn't any chx games) and started botting this morning

So far i've gotten 46mf trav, unid hoz, soj, magefists, several unique rings/ammies (eye and manalds but w/e), eth vmagi

hoz/soj could pay for nigma and I could be mfing hell tomorrow with a hdin (Not gonna Wink)

If this was new ladder I'd sell all this shit and be quite rich lol


~I survived the 2012 apocalypse~
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Nick-Name : Dylan

PostSubject: Re: 1 day of botting nm   4/1/2013, 5:37 pm

I've actually never found a SOJ and played D2 since it came out lmao. But i don't bot either.

And your FC zon is BS kyle, its like a lightning sorc except without the lightning actually having to travel Razz

Except I still like my light sorcs because they are powerful as fuq.

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1 day of botting nm
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