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 what rreally grind my gears

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PostSubject: what rreally grind my gears   3/27/2013, 10:48 pm

Religion. All u fuck tards cram this bullshit down my throat. The bible was written by a fucking man. God himself didn't fucking apear and start writing a damn book. I'm so tired of hearing o u shouldn't do that god despises it. Well fcuk your god. My god says I can do wtf ever makes me happy. My god is warrm and welcoming to me even after I just killed 8 people for the hell olf it. My god don't cram this shit down you throat. So don't fucking tell me your god is better cause ill fucking boot u in the lips.

I'm not religious to say the least but fuck I know I'm living right and whoever said that religion is a must to enter heaven call blow my fat sack. End of fucking story.

Gays. U know. U fucktards have it so ruff. U can't get married in everystate. Who gives a fuck what a country has to say. A country that is dieing and only survives from imports of other lands. U want to change he law to get married. Hey dumb fuck even though its legal in like 10 states to butt fuck your buddy news flash is u cannot get divorced. So think about it. Wanna stay single and have ur man or guy wtf ever u fairys wanna call it. Do I but when u go off and wed each other and in 5 years u wanna get divorced cause his cock don't fill ur ass no more well guess what. Too fucking bad cause u can't. Soenjoy go home stick ur dick in ur buddies mouth cum and enjoy idc. Don't fucking flood the news with your bullshit saying u want rights. Guess what gay ain't no different then murdering or pedophilia. Were are all human and all have rights but that don't matter cause being gay isn't bad being gay is good.. yea well so is killing niggers. So is stabbing ur mom. Rights mother fucker. No one can judge another because its not your fucking business.

Kids now. Kids now say they have it so bad. Little punk ass nigger. When I was 12 I had a bike. That's it. No gameboy no playstation noipod or android tablet. Get off your sorrry ass and fucking do something. Fuck ur I want this and I want that and throw a fit cause u can't have it. Ill smack the mcnugget out of u lil punk. Go through life without anything then u can say u have it hard. Punk ass bitches u lil kids are gonna make this country worthless. Parents need to start spanking and making there kid do the right. Kid runs away cause u spank him orher. Beat their ass more when they get home. I ran away one time. Worst fucking belt whooping I ever got. But I never even thought about running away again. I got put in juvi when I was 15. Ass beat everyday for 6 months before I reliezed I had to change and listen to what I was told to do. Beat tha ass they will listen.

And this is jamies version of what grinds my gears. I needed to vent so there it is. Enjoy

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what rreally grind my gears
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