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 I pee sitting down....

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Nick-Name : Kyle/Kail

PostSubject: I pee sitting down....   3/21/2013, 11:29 pm

I feel like there aren't enough posts on the forum so here's a nice thread to make everyone go... wtf?

Anyway ya... I have always hated pooping, I feel like it's a waste of time. When will the day come when humans only have to poop once a month and it only take seconds? :'(

So in the past I put a stereo in my bathroom, turn it on and listen to music any time I go in the bathroom. Then I started to read manga or play games on my ipod while listening to music. And now, so I don't waste any more time standing up and pissing, I just tuck my dick under the seat while I shit and piss.

So much time has been saved! So convenient! Women have it made!

Of course I still piss standing up, I only piss sitting down when I'm taking a shit, but it's very convenient Smile


~I survived the 2012 apocalypse~
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V.I.P. Member
V.I.P. Member

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PostSubject: Re: I pee sitting down....   3/23/2013, 2:55 am

everyone pisses when shitting though
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I pee sitting down....
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