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 Steve, A Possible add for site

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Nick-Name : Jamie

PostSubject: Steve, A Possible add for site   10/29/2011, 2:56 am

Www.Lynxy.com is the pinggnomes site. maybe you coud talk to the owner some how, And Have Adds on each others Forums. I mean Since The Gnome comes to the channel Might as well She holds info on us So Meh... lmK i think it be cool. Lots of good this to read on on her site.

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Very Active Member

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Nick-Name : David

PostSubject: Re: Steve, A Possible add for site   10/29/2011, 4:01 pm

We can be a home for ping gnome also.. shes kinda cute lol.. any ways..

She ranks us #7 Overall on USEAST
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Steve, A Possible add for site
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