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 Channel Commands!

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PostSubject: Channel Commands!   7/14/2010, 4:32 am

Public Commands (0 Access Required)

.Pass- Displays Game Password's.

.Site- Display's Clan ChX's Website.

.Rules- Displays Rules for Clan ChX.

.Howtorun- Displays instructions on logging in.

.Howtojoin- Displays instructions on how to join Clan.

Display's Rules for leechers in chaos/baal games.

Displays information on our Teamspeak 3 Server.
*Please note ChX has auto spamming games, therefor there is no command to view games.

Runner Commands (0 Access Required)

.Login- Logs you into the chaos/baal bots.
.Logout- Logs you out of the chaos/baal Bots.

.Myinfo- Gives you your run stats. (Runs and times)

.Top- Show's The top 5 chaos runners for the clan.

Trusted Members Commands (1 access Required)

.Bs (Account) (Reason)-
Issues user a 24 hour Timeban.

.Warn (Account) (Reason)- Issues a warn to user. (Minor discipline)

Moderator Commands (200 Access Required)

.Forcelogin (User@useast)- Forces a user to login regardless of the circumstances.

.Forcelogout (User@useast)- Forces a user to logout regardless or the circumstances.

.Fr- Completely Clears ChaoX/Baax's List of Non Mutual Friends.

.Ban (Account@useast) (Reason)- Permanently Bans a user from Clan ChX.

.Shitadd (Account@useast)- IPBan's and Squelches a user.

.BanIP (Account@useast)- MirageBot Version Of .Shitadd

.Unban (Account@useast)- Unban's a user from Clan ChX.

.Ubs (Account)- Clears .bs command (Untimeban's User)

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Channel Commands!
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